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My name is Victor Orlow and I am a veteran Independent Insurance Producer, meaning that it is me - not my employer - who chooses the best plans for you. Being independent gives me the power to design the best health, income or travel insurance solution for you, your family or employees.  I do not consider myself a salesperson. I am rather an educator and your personal assistant helping you to make vital decisions in protecting your lifestyle and well-being. I have the knowledge that is very important to you and your loved ones and I am always happy to share this knowledge with you.  After we together choose the best plan for you, my next goal is to offer excellent follow-up service so that you will have no reservations about introducing me to others you care about, thus giving them the opportunity to own this valuable peace of mind.


The reason I started this new project CancerInfoLine is obvious. Having met and talked with hundreds of people, a great majority of them - just like the characters of the video interviews you have probably just watched and others available at – were absolutely sure their major health insurance covers all their medical needs. What they were not aware of was the fact found by American Cancer Society in their report “Cancer Facts and Figures” in 1998 that medical costs is only 34% of overall expenses related to cancer treatment and covered by major health insurance, leaving the rest 66% to be paid by patients out-of-pocket. So that was not medical costs that ruined financially those people, but co-pays, deductibles, travelling and lodging, home care, leftover medical bills, lost income (quite often of both spouses) plus their regular bills like rent, mortgage, food, credit cards, insurance, school, etc. that still had to be paid no matter they were too weak to work and earn money.


With tons of histories like that in my memory and my knowledge how to amortize financial impact of cancer and other catastrophic illnesses, I made up my mind to make this knowledge available to as many people as possible. I consider this my mission. I have already helped a lot of my clients and every time I do this I feel great satisfaction for being able to help them protect their most valuable assets – health and incomes - before the drama happens.         

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Born in 1956 in Minsk, former Soviet Union. Graduated from Minsk State Pedagogical University. Married in 1984 and moved to Poland – to the homeland of my wife. She is a PhD in Russian Philology and is adored by students and colleagues. We have two adult children – our daughter graduated from Gdansk University in Poland and our son is a student at Lasell College, MA. Having won a Green Card lottery, in 2005 we moved to the USA. First we stayed in Northern New Jersey, but in 2008 moved to beautiful and sunny Florida and currently live in Lakewood Ranch. Together with us lives our black cat brought by our daughter from Poland after the graduation. I speak natively Russian and Polish and work hard to add English as a third native language. My hobby is very ordinary – life.


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Meeting with Mr. Paul Amos, a founder of AFLAC.

With Mr. Paul Amos, a founder of AFLAC,


Lech Walesa Solidarity Poland

With Mr. Lech Walesa,

ex-President of Poland, 2006

Our AFLAC team in NJ, 2008

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